Credit Bureau free payday loan | Apply now online without credit bureau!

Credit bureau free credit a loan without credit bureau information!

credit bureau free credit a loan without credit bureau information!

For most loans, information is passed on to the credit bureau during the credit check as well as during the loan payment

Almost all German lenders inform credit bureau about the credit transactions they have made. Thus, every loan that is paid out to a customer, immediately registered with the credit bureau.

For example, other lenders receive direct information about the size of their existing liabilities and can better assess the credit risk of new customers.

It is also credit bureau

There is also a possibility that a payday loan is not registered with the credit bureau – this is the so-called credit bureaureier credit. A credit bureau-free loan is a loan borrowed abroad, for example in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

Customers who have previously failed to meet their payment obligations or have partially lost their insolvency no longer receive credit from the numerous German banks.

Unlike the regular installment loan and much more moderate, it is in the credit bureaubreien credit. Here it is waived in the credit check and payment, entirely on the credit bureau information.

What is a credit bureau free payday loan?

What is a credit bureau free loan?

With the credit bureau credit is waived on a credit bureau information completely, but a regulated income of the borrower is required here.

A client must prove that they have borrowed for a loan without credit bureau, a regular income of a certain amount and a permanent contract of employment. A credit bureau-free loan is usually not given to the unemployed or low paid.

The credit bureau-free loan, or otherwise called the Swiss loan, is issued by a foreign bank, yet the lending is arranged clearly and uncomplicated. The loan application is free of charge and non-binding for you as a customer; no pre-payments are required before the loan is brokered.

Apply for your loan quickly and unbureaucratically!

The loan brokerage will be handled by e-mail or by post, as soon as all required documents have arrived you will receive your confirmation (depending on your credit rating).

The loan amount can either be transferred to your current account or as a post-cash payment. The loan amount and the interest amount are the same for all applicants. The credit bureau-free loan is offered to you in three net loan amounts, 3,500.00, 5,000.00 and 7,500.00 Euro – repayable in 40 monthly installments.

All costs and the amount of monthly installments are clearly arranged for you, so you have a direct overview of all costs incurred.

As a matter of principle, you will be informed about all steps and supported by our credit experts for all questions from the loan application to the lending.

Apply now without obligation your personal and free credit offer for a Sufa credit.

You can get a loan from us free of debt

Requirements for successful lending:

  • Of age – minimum age 18 years
  • Main residence as well as bank account in Germany
  • At least € 1,300 net income per month
  • Regular, permanent employment or fixed income (employees, civil servants and pensioners)

If all requirements are met, you will receive a non-binding loan offer within a few hours.

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