It’s worth thinking about buying a loan!

It has been said a lot that if at some point it is now really worthwhile to start a home loan. At this point, sounds like, ” If I had known this, I’d wait a few years and take out a loan now .” There is no need to worry here about the opportunity ahead of us, called a loan redemption. Let’s explore this topic!

Basic Credit Information

Banks are putting out loans so that we can have a larger amount available to us at one time. He therefore asks for interest. That is, a little more is asked for the money allocated to us. The amount of this surplus is expressed in interest. And this interest consists of two parts, a reference interest rate and an interest premium.

As a result, we may be able to borrow mortgages at much lower interest rates than at present. At present, the reference rate , ie the central bank base rate, is 0.9%. This is a record low, as in 2011 it was 7.00%.

Just think that while the average mortgage interest rate is now around 2-3%, in 2011 it was only 3 times the base rate. Of course, loans were more expensive.

Redemption is a good option

You don’t have to be discouraged or damn good, “why wasn’t the credit so cheap when I had to?”, But count on the loan calculator! All the difference in the calculation is that you set the lowest option for the loan target at the top of the drop-down menu, and we are already counting!

The redemption of a 6 million forints loan is the cheapest at K&H Bank with a 15 year maturity, as you only have to pay 38,970 forints per month. In total, it is 7,141,751 HUF , which we give away continuously over 15 years.

Interestingly, for a 15-year flat loan with a 7% interest rate

Your monthly installment will come to $ 53,929. The difference is 28%, and in forints is 14,959 forints per month.

We hope that you have been able to draw your attention to your existing credit. Contact us and we will do the work for you! You will see how much money we save you that you can definitely spend on other purposes.

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